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How to lose weight with habit based nutrition

HOW TO EAT: WHY HABIT BASED NUTRITION MAY BE THE KEY TO REACHING YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS Are you tired of counting calories, weighing, or measuring your food?  Are you someone who tried one of these monotonous activities only to give up on it after a couple days, a...


HOW TO TAKE OURSELVES FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING It’s naïve to think that we can control every aspect of every situation that we may face as a First Responder. The very nature of the job demands that we remain flexible in our response to fluid, and often high-risk...

First Responder’s Guide to Healthy Eating

SETTING ATTAINABLE GOALS TO FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, AND FUNCTION BETTER   We’ve all seen it before - the overweight cop/ medic/ firefighter, busting out of their uniform, out of breath from the slightest movement, and looking downright uncomfortable doing their job....